Nebraska Steak House

Our Events

Join us in one of the several Nebraska Steakhouse events for a night of fun-filled festivities. Back to School, Halloween, and Christmas are just some of the excuses we use to have a party where old and new friends can get together to celebrate.

Food & Wine

For those looking to combine leisure and elegance, our private dining option is an excellent choice. Cocktail hour takes place in the bar area of the lounge and includes a variety of small appetizers. After the cocktail hour, guests proceed to our dining area and enjoy an expertly prepared sit-down dinner.

Private Parties

Our menu is highlighted by our signature "best rib steak in New York" as well as a 48oz porterhouse steak. Our steak house also serves the freshest of seafood, tender chops, while our steak sandwich made with filet Mignon is lunch's most preferred item.